Hainan actively promotes the construction of One-Stop Service for Investment

“We are speeding up the progress of construction in a hope to build a better One-Stop Service for Investment soon, so as to enable more investors to enjoy more investment facilitation and help Hainan’s supernormal development.” said the relevant person in charge of Hainan Provincial Department of Commerce. “The main functions have now been launched, and many investors have handled business such as registration online through One-Stop Service.”


One-Stop Service for Investment in Hainan, which was put into trial operation on April 13 last year, is an innovative approach of Hainan to strengthen investment services and optimize business environment, aiming at providing investors with one-stop and top-quality services throughout the process and improving the investment facilitation level in an all-round way. Led by Hainan Provincial Department of Commerce and Hainan Big Data Administration, and in collaboration with the provincial Market Supervision Administration, the Peoples Government Affairs Service Center and other departments, One-Stop Service for Investment in Hainan has been set up after active exploration and operated at the same time of construction. The construction content covers such topics as One Account, Investment Service, Establish Company, Investment Project Approval, Joint Services, Big Data Analysis and Display, etc.


Based on provincial integrated online government affairs service platform, One-Stop Service provides a unified provincial cross-department information sharing and mutual recognition mechanism, which integrates the investment-related business examination and approval system into one window to create an investment project service model. Investors can log on to Contact Hainan or Hainan Government Affairs Service Website to enter One-Stop Service for Investment to handle related business.


Statistics show that One-Stop Service for Investment in Hainan has connected nearly 20 business systems of more than 10 departments and bureaus since its trial operation, and has provided online investment-related business handling service for 306 foreign-funded enterprises, totaling 489 pieces of business.


At present, Hainan is taking exceptional understanding, measures and actions to strive for supernormal results. “We will run the One-Stop Service for Investment with extraordinary consciousness to further optimize the business environment in Hainan.” The relevant person in charge of Hainan Provincial Department of Commerce said that Hainan will further speed up the construction of One-Stop Service for Investment in Hainan, go on improving various functions, achieve more comprehensive information sharing and strengthen joint services, so as to provide investors with better services.

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