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پاکستان کول فیلڈ بلاک II میں کوئلے سے چلنے والے TEL 1X330 میگاواٹ پاور اسٹیشن پروجیکٹ کے دوسرے مرحلے کا کام شروع کر دیا گیا

پاکستان میں معاشی اور سیاسی عدم استحکام کے باعث پاک چین اقتصادی راہداری (سی پیک) کے تحت کئی منصوبے متاثر ہوئے۔ اس کے باوجود، چین اور پاکستان، دو طویل مدت کے اتحادی، کوئلے پر مبنی ایک بڑے منصوبے پر تعاون کرنے میں کامیاب رہے۔

Shaoxing Famous Products Fabric&App Industry (RCEP)INTL Trade Online Exhibition 2022

Shaoxing Famous Products Fabric &APP Industry (RCEP) INTL Trade Online Exhibition 2022 is a professional online exhibition hosted by the Shaoxing Municipal Commerce Bureau, the CCPIT Shaoxing, the Shaoxing Chamber of International Commerce and undertaken by Shaoxing Boda Business Exhibition Co.,Ltd. The exhibition relies on "Shaoxing Online Exhibition Platform" and Zoom to display enterprise products, and conducts one-to-one accurate matching and online negotiation with buyers from RCEP Countries.

FastData Released the First TikTok Ecological Industry Report

On September 16, the 2022 Global Short Video Summit hosted by FastData came to a successful conclusion. At the summit, many entrepreneurs from the forefront of TikTok's business ecology shared a lot of contents and insights. Meanwhile the TikTok Ecological Sky Eye Award for the first half of FastData was given at the summit.

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